German, Double pack (Basic+Advanced)

German, Double pack (Basic+Advanced)

Save some money by buying two in one! Basic and advanced courses together at a reduced price.

By taking advantage of this package, you will be on a level where you will not only be ready for everyday situations, but also for professional situations. You will be able to establish a vocabulary of up to 2200 unique words and will be able to use them actively. Doing presentations or negotiating contracts will be no problem for you.

How long will it take?

This obviously depends on how much you put in. By doing the crash course, you will be able to learn more than 1000 unique words within 2-3 weeks, without cramming! To clarify, a normal daily newspaper has about 550 to 600 unique words.

Topics of Basic course:

Greeting and introduction, the use of polite form to address somebody, differences between various languages and cultures, meaning and association of concrete words, prejudices and their influence on language, linguistic misunderstandings, relations and role models.

Topics of Advanced course:

Taking orders in a restaurant, Alfred Korzybski and language as a map of reality, general semantics as well as linguistics, variations of a language, misconceptions due to linguistic diversification, history of language, adjectives and adverbs as a fascinating aspect of language, slave trade and its relevance for language.

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