French, Advanced course

French, Advanced course

Learn French – the brain-friendly way

Use the advanced course to improve and to perfect your current language skills. If you have already done the basic course, you will very quickly reach a professional level of proficiency. Previous knowledge is very quickly reactivated. If your current knowledge of a language permits you to ask for directions or to book a hotel room, then this course is ideally suited to you. Including the basic course, this will give you an active vocabulary of around 2,200 everyday words.
You can find more about vocabulary and learning technique here.

Topics of Advanced course:

Taking orders in a restaurant, Alfred Korzybski and language as a map of reality, general semantics as well as linguistics, variations of a language, misconceptions due to linguistic diversification, history of language, adjectives and adverbs as a fascinating aspect of language, slave trade and its relevance for language.

Total words: 8.130
Unique words: 1.833
CEFR-Level: A2/B1
Audio: 5 Speeds
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